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We will release new inventions in 2021. The Rock Rocket APP is coming soon! Folloe us to get more information.

About Us

About us

We are Aliens, also designers.
Committed to create novel hi-tech products and bring to the earth.

This is GL here, I am The Captain of the Rock Rocket, next to me is Robot X. we are from a planet which is a mysterious so please let us keep this secret. since I have landed on the earth, and now I have to pretend to be a human temporarily...

I have heard about the existence of the earth a long time ago. There are a lot of magical materials. We love to study them and turn them into new inventions.

Oh, right, by the way, I’m glad to meet you, human.
Please keep an eye on our news.

About us

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Wireless Charging Bag

The world's first multi-functional wireless charging bag. From then on, you don't need to carry a transformer when you go out with your Laptop any more.

It is not only reduces a lot of weight, also meets the needs of portable charging in various products. With a lightweight design and latest trend colors, it's easy to match different personal styles!

Wireless Charging Bag
RockRocket APP

The Rock Rocket APP

We will release a new invention in 2021. Amazing variety of interesting experimental, right on the latest Rock Rocket APP.

You can use the app to manage Rock Rocket's products, launch your space travel, and let us introduce you to different planets.

Rock Rocket International Co., Ltd.

If you have any questions please send us a message, we will help for this as soon as possible. Or send Email to